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Gastro Ready – our professional approach

Terminals placed in gastronomic kitchens must be sturdy. Screens are exposed to steam, fat and heat. At the counter, cash register systems may be splashed with water and are handled by many different hands. Requirements for mobile paystations and mobile terminals are in constant increase. Primelco System Device Ltd offers a matching range of products.

  • Gastro Ready (hardware adapted for kitchen use, resistant against fat and steam)
  • Gastro Buffet (water-resistant) und Bar (water-resistant)
  • Mobile Hardware Solution (mobile Terminals / mobile printing - Indoor and Outdoor)
  • Waiter’s locks (identification via Dallas Key / iButton / Rudaz Key)
  • Kitchen terminals


Products for gastronomy purposes
  • PPM-797 Metal-Panel
    17" Touch Kitchen Monitor
  • Epson TM-U220B
    Matrix Kitchen Printer
  • POS-310 Eco GT 
    Inexpensive Cash System
  • Dallas Key (iButton) Reader
    Waiter Key
  • Epson TM-T20II 
    Inexpensive Receipt Printer
  • Honeywell 70e Black
    Mobile Terminal