Cleaning Supplies



Description ArtNr Symbole Price Stock Special offer
Foam Buds (4 x 25 buds) AF-280.0300
IPA Foam Buds (25 buds) AF-280.0305
Microfibre Clene (Large Microfibre cloth) AF-280.0100
Multi-Screen Clene (200ml spray with big cloth) AF-280.0105
Multi-Screen Clene (200ml spray with cloth) AF-280.0110
PC Buds (25 buds) AF-280.0310
Screen-Clene (250 ml Spray) AF-280.0135
Screen-Clene (Box - 100 wipes) AF-280.0130
Screen-Clene (Dispenser - 100 wipes) AF-280.0125
Screen-Clene duo (Box w/ 20 pair dry/wet Wipes) AF-280.0120
Sprayduster (342ml) AF-280.0221
Sprayduster (87ml) AF-280.0200
Sprayduster Invertible (125ml) AF-280.0206
Sprayduster Invertible (200ml) AF-280.0211
Sprayduster Invertible (250ml) AF-280.0215
Sprayduster Zero Invertible (420ml) AF-280.0225
Super Duster (300ml) AF-280.0231
Super Duster Invertible (200ml) AF-280.0235
Superduster Zero Invertible (420ml) AF-280.0232
Tech Cloth (Pack of 3 cloths) AF-280.0140
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